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At Sharp Sounds we use and recommend JJ/Tulsa Power Amp tubes and
ELECTRO HARMONIX preamp tubes.

We believe that these tubes provide the best value for money/tone ration.
We can source almost any brand and type of tube for you, including N.O.S.

We regularly dispose of 10% of all power amp tubes and 30% of all preamp tubes
straight into the bin as a result of what we believe to be bad quality control
at the manufacturer’s factory and is the prime reason why we invested in the
AMPLITREX AT1000 tube tester.


JJ EL34L, 6L6: $100.00 matched pair
$200.00 matched quad

SOVTEK 6L6's : $100.00 matched pair
$200.00 matched quad

Electro Harmonix E34's : $100.00 matched pair
$200.00 matched quad

JJ EL84 $70.00 matched pair
$140.00 matched quad

Electro Harmonix, EL84's $70.00 matched pair
$140.00 matched quad

SOVTEK EL84 $70.00 matched pair
$140.00 matched quad


 12AX7 $40.00 tested and matched

$25.00 off the shelf


All other types P.O.A

SOVTEK, Tungsol, Winged C tubes also available.
Sharp Sounds do not knowingly deal with Chinese tubes at this point.

Testing criteria for new tubes sold or fitted by Sharp Sounds Audio:

Any tube who’s plate current or transconductance rates at 65% or less
than the manufacturers specification is disposed of.

Phase Splitters: dual triode tubes to be used as phase splitters must rate at
< 10% between each triode for the plate current and transconductance of each triode.

N.O.S criteria:

Any tube that tests as faulty or non-operational is disposed of.

Yellow Jacket Power Reducers:

These devices reduce the power of a 50watt amp to a 15 watt, or a 100watt amp
to a 60 watter. Don’t trade your overpowered beast in, convert it – cheaper!
Just let us know the make and model of the amp you want to convert and
we can supply the correct Yellow Jackets.

Full range of Yellow Jacket Power Reducers available:

$190.00/pair with JJ EL 84 tubes (tested) inc. gst

Tubes are consumables and as such are not covered by warranty unless otherwise
specified, however tubes D.O.A will be replaced. All tubes sold and/or fitted by
Sharp Sounds are tested beforehand using an AMPLITREX ‘AT 1000’ digital tube tester.

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