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Sharp Sounds have been repairing tube guitar amplifiers as well as
modifying stomp boxes for Perth musicians for in excess of ten years.

Sharp Sounds are authorised repair agents for the following brands:

FENDER, Ashton, Randall, Hughes and Kettner, Laney, VOX, and Egnater.

We also perform out of warranty repairs on all the well known brands including but not exclusively:

Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Koch, Orange in fact any tube guitar amp

Stomp Box Mods

Let us get the full potential from that little yellow or green box! We have a huge list of mods
available to most analogue stomp boxes, including BOSS, Ibanez and Electro Harmonix.

True Bypass

Stop that Cry Baby "WAH" or Electro Harmonic sucking your tone away
Have it modified for true bypass by Sharp Sounds.

Guitar Service, Setup and Repair

Including truss rod adjustment, restringing, intonation, bridge and saddle setup, cavity shielding and rewiring.

Tube Testing

All tubes sold or fitted by Sharp Sounds are tested and matched using an
Amplitrex AT1000 digital tube tester.

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